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(一)greenhouse flowers

As is shown in the two pictures, the same flower has different fate when put in different situations. When there is protection, the flower blooms beautifully. However, when exposed directly to rain and storm, the flower quickly withers. We can safely come to the conclusion that greenhouse flowers cannot withstand rain and storm.

The same is true with our children. As the one-child policy is adopted in China, more and more parents overprotect their children. With everything done for them and every need satisfied by their parents or grandparents, these only children seem to be healthy, happy and high-spirited. But when they leave home, they become disappointed and frustrated. Facing harsh things they have never experienced before, such as competition from peers, criticism from supervisors, pressure for deadlines and restriction for discipline, they will be at a loss, miserable or even desperate. In fact, the more protection they get from their parents, the less ability they acquire. Parents’ love for their children turns out to be a disaster.

Children, like flowers, should be treated with care, but reasonable and sensible ways of doing things will help to bring about more fruitful results, if we not only love our children but also teach them how to love, our love will be passed down from generation to generation; if we not only solve problems for our children but also encourage them to solve problems, our diligence and ingenuity will make our life more meaningful and worthwhile.

(二)national and international

As is shown in the picture, a young American girl is wearing traditional Chinese dress and ornaments and is smiling sweetly. It may be an ordinary picture, but it conveys deep and profound meaning: national culture is also international culture.

Ever since we opened our door to the world, we have attracted and influenced by things from other cultures, such as jeans, country music and fast food. We have shown such interest in them that some people, especially the younger generation, become crazy about them. The more exotic they are, the more fashionable they seem to be. Now, begun to show its charm and gain popularity all over the world. Our national costume, just as shown in the picture, Beijing Opera, Cross Talk, for example, have won favor with a lot of foreigners.

As national culture becomes international culture, people in the world better understand each other. We are all villagers in this global village. Mutual respect and understanding make this world a better place to live in.

(三)use our love

This picture is a symbol that tells us how we should use our love: our love is like a lamp; the darker the place, the brighter the light. Indeed, love is most precious when it is offered to someone who is in difficulty.

I can tell you a real story here. When I was a child, my family moved to the countryside. Among our new neighbors was a paralyzed woman. As an innocent child, I somehow showed some interest in her. When I had time, I would to see her. When I had something to eat, I would let her share with me. One day she suddenly said to me, tear in her eyes, “I will bless you when I am in heaven.” I knew my love for her had worked wonders, for I had never heard her speaking and I thought she had lost her ability to speak. Her blessing may have really worked for I have been a lucky person in work and in life.

As far as I understand, love is sympathy and sincerity that needs not be expressed in terms of money or sweet words. As the proverb goes, a hand may smell fragrant when it gives roses to others. I believe love is the most precious thing in the world and we should give it to those who need it most.


Our surroundings are being polluted fast and man's present efforts can not prevent it. Time is bringing us more people, and more people will bring us more industry, more cars, larger cities and the growing use of man-made materials.

What can explain and solve this problem? The fact is that pollution is caused by man -- by his desire for a modern way of life. We make "increasing industrialization" our chief aim.So we are often ready to offer everything: clean air, pure water, good food, our health and the future of our children.There is a constant flow of people from the countryside into the cities, eager for the benefits of our modern society. But as our technological achievements have grown in the last twenty years, pollution has become a serious problem.

Isn't it time we stopped to ask ourselves where we are going-- and why? It makes one think of the story about the airline pilot who told his passengers over the loudspeaker,"I've some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we're making rapid progress at 530 miles per hour. The

bad news is that we're lost and don't know where we're going. " The sad fact is that this becomes a true story when speaking of our modern society.

In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, because more people means more people means more pollution. Finally, those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.





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